Keeping your air conditioner maintained and cared for will not only save you money on energy bills, but it will also extend its lifespan. To install or care for a new home air conditioning Gilbert AZ folks should hire HVAC specialists just before the cooling season ends. Take the following tips into account when caring for your AC system.

The filters of an AC unit need regular cleaning and maintenance in order for the unit to function effectively. If you neglect the necessary maintenance, you will see a gradual decline in the AC performance. To improve your comfort and the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit, make sure you clean its air filters every year.

One of the most important maintenance tasks that will improve the efficiency of the air conditioning unit is by routinely replacing the air filters. Dirty filters block the airflow and if air is trapped, the dirty air passes through the evaporator coil and makes an impact on the heat-absorbing abilities of the unit. By replacing the air filter, you will reduce your energy consumption by as much as 15 percent.

Central ACs normally have their filters located along the length of the duct. These filters are located in walls, furnaces, or in the unit itself. Your air conditioner may have reusable filters that do not require replacing. There are a variety of air filters that last for many years with regular cleaning. If you live in a dusty area or have indoor pets, you should clean your air filters every three months or so.

The evaporator coil is another part of the air conditioning unit that requires cleaning. To avoid a clogged coil, it is best to check it every year and clean it when necessary. This task will enhance the airflow and allow the filter to absorb heat. If the coil is outdoors, it can become dirty quickly due to the dusty environment. You will notice the dirt by checking the fins on the coil.

The condenser unit should also be kept dirt free. Leaves and dust are potential sources of debris. To clean the coil area, remove the debris and trim the foliage back in order to allow proper airflow through the condenser.

The fins around the condenser coils can easily get bent and prevent airflow. You should comb these fins back into their original shape or replace them with new ones. At the beginning of the cooling season, you should inspect the seal between the AC unit and the window frame. Any dampness or moisture can cause significant damage to the seal and allow the cool air escape from the rooms.

When preparing for winter, you should either cover the air conditioning unit or store it away. By covering the outdoor unit, you will protect the air conditioner from adverse winter weather and dust. If your unit requires more than regular maintenance, it is best to opt for a professional HVAC specialist. This fully trained technician will fix all the problems that your AC unit has and take care of its servicing for you.

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