Air Conditioner Repair Arizona

CarrierACIf you need an Arizona air conditioner repair company, you need the professionals at Red Mountain Air Conditioning. As Arizona residents ourselves, we understand that some air conditioning repairs can’t wait until the next business day. With your health and safety in mind, we proudly offer 24-hour emergency services. A trained, certified technician will be at your door in order to get your AC unit working properly through repair, maintenance, or replacement. Our trucks come fully stocked so that we can get the job done in one visit. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our work and have let us know on Angie’s List! Let us help you with your next AC service in Arizona.

Arizona AC Installation Contractor

For most Arizonans, an air conditioner isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. If your cooling system isn’t working properly and you suspect you need an Arizona air conditioner installation contractor to take a look, Red Mountain Air Conditioning is the right company for the job. We have been installing new units in the state for many years and are here to help you stay safe and comfortable in your home, while enjoying optimum efficiency. Newer models meet higher energy-saving standards than models that were on the market 10 years ago, so any upgrade will save you money on your electric bills month to month. We even offer financing options with approved credit so you can pay over time. Call Red Mountain Air Conditioning right away when you need Arizona AC repair, replacement, and maintenance services.

Air Conditioning Unit Repairs

It’s happened to nearly everyone – you realize something is wrong with your air conditioning unit, but don’t know what the problem could be. The experts in air conditioning Chandler Arizona residents trust the most are at Red Mountain Air Conditioning. We can diagnose the problem for you and repair it in a time efficient and professional manner. Before you give us a call, make sure it’s not something simple causing the issue, such as a dirty filter hampering the flow of air into the home or a thermostat that is not properly set. We are happy to troubleshoot the problem for you and fix it before it becomes a more costly issue.

What Happens During an AC Maintenance Check?

One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your HVAC unit is to have routine maintenance performed, and the experts to trust when it comes to all things air conditioning in Chandler are the people at Red Mountain Air Conditioning. So what really happens during a maintenance service check? Here are some specific things our technicians will check out:

  • Thermostat settings – Are they properly set to save you money and cool efficiently?
  • Electrical connections – Are they tightened and working properly?
  • Refrigerant – Are the levels where they should be?
  • Evaporator and Condenser Coils – Are they cleaned and in working order?
  • System Controls – Is the system safe?