Regardless of the type of climate you prefer, it is likely that you can find it in the state of Arizona. Because the state includes various altitudes within its borders, it is possible to find cool mountain locations, as well as hot desert temperatures. Although most people consider the state to be desert and sagebrush, it also features river canyons, mountain peaks and green valleys to visit. With the exception of ocean beaches, most weather types can be found in Arizona.

The primary feature of the weather is plenty of sunshine. For people who are building a primary residence, vacation habitat or retirement nest, new home air conditioning Gilbert AZ professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your indoor air is cool and comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. Even when there are days which make a little warmth indoors pleasant, the professionals have the answers.

Some of the notable mountains within the state are listed because of the scenic value, their height, or their proximity to major urban centers. The list of peaks within the state includes Camelback, The Superstitions, and Humphreys Peak, rising to over 12,000 feet above sea level. Not all of the peaks are suitable for establishing a residence nearby, but they all affect the nearby weather in many instances.

Although Arizona has many lakes, not all of them are usable all year long. They may dry up during the summer season. Others, such as Lake Havasu, on the California/Arizona border are man-made lakes which have a variety of water-based activities in close proximity. Favorite activities on some lakes include water skiing, fishing, and swimming.

Hiking is a favorite activity, particularly during seasons which are likely to be less stressed by temperature extremes. For some areas, care must be taken to avoid weather-caused events such as flash floods and lightning storms. Hikers can go into the Superstitions and look for the “Lost Dutchman Mine” or into the desert to see heart-stopping landscapes from rocks and cactus.

Horseback riding is an activity which can be enjoyed during most seasons and in a variety of terrains. For those who want to venture into less traveled areas of the state, a competent and experienced guide is recommended. Many guides provide everything from horses and gear to campfire cookouts on overnight expeditions into the mountains.

You can leave Phoenix and its vicinity and in a matter of hours, be on the ski slopes. There are several well-known ski locations within the state. Skiers can enjoy the slopes at Arizona Snowbowl, Sunrise Park Resort, and Mt Lemmon for a weekend or a longer stay.

For many professional and amateur golfers, the constant sunshine available during the winter months is a magnet. Most days offer weather which is conducive to a round of golf. For more active people, there are opportunities to play tennis or other outdoor games. Many find golf courses are scattered around the state, some of them attract the top professionals in the game. There are also opportunities for those who just want to lower their score and play with friends.

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