Choosing the right company to service, repair or install your home heating equipment is important. The best professionals can walk you through each project and help you make informed decisions along the way. Following are the top 6 questions to ask before selecting a HVAC provider.

You should ask whether or not a company as a valid license in place. Most legitimate businesses will have their licensing information posted in a number of highly visible areas. For instance, you might find this on their business card, web pages or distributed marketing materials. It is a good idea to check with the issuing body to ensure that the license is not currently being legally challenged or has expired.

It is vital to understand the drawbacks of working with parties who have not undergone the official licensing process. Hiring an unlicensed person will leave you subject to a number of liability issues. That’s because private parties rarely have the necessary commercial insurance in place. Most home insurance plans can be automatically voided due to a decision to work with an unlicensed professional.

Ask for the name of the insurance company that a provider is currently working with. Go beyond simply reviewing the insurance documents that a provider has posted to its own website. Contacting insurers directly is the only way to make sure that policies haven’t lapsed and that an adequate amount of protection is currently in place. These are not things that you can find out if viewing potentially outdated documents online.

Take the time to learn more about the past projects that HVAC companies have completed. Some companies post detailed images of their past projects in image galleries on their professional websites. It may even be possible to request the contact information of former clients in order to get first-hand reviews of a company’s services.

The supply companies that a business uses are important to consider as well. An established business with a lengthy history in this industry will be aligned with many of the best suppliers out there. This will give you assured access to an extensive range of products. It will also allow you to find the heating and cooling equipment or components that you need at a reasonable price.

Determine whether or not it will be possible to get a manageable and affordable maintenance plan in place. It is not enough to simply have this equipment fixed as problems arise. You can extend the lifetime of your home heating and cooling system quite a bit by simply having it serviced one or twice each year.

Another important factor to consider is the standard work contract that a company issues. A good company is always willing to stand behind the work that it provides no matter how big o small a job may be. You can ask prospective providers to view standard or sample contracts before committing to services. You should always check to see that this document contains a written, customer satisfaction agreement. This will give you an easy form of recourse should you ever prove unhappy with a company’s workmanship or the materials used.

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