Air conditioning always seems to break down at the worst possible time. There is number of common reasons your air conditioner breaks down. One way to reduce the risk of your air conditioning breaking down when it is warm outside is to get it serviced on a regular basis. Sometimes despite having the best of intentions it is one of those jobs that you just never get around to actually doing.

Servicing the system is something that really needs to be done as it will prevent problems arising when the weather is warm during the summer months. The reasons for the problems could be a number of things and there tends to five reasons that are very common. If the unit is regularly checked these problems can all be avoided.

One of the most common problems that the professionals see with these systems is that the air conditioner coil freezes inside. This problem can be caused by a number of different things however it usually connected with a problem in the airflow. Dirty filters can become blocked and this can then cause airflow problems. It is important that the filters are replaced as often as is recommended.

A low refrigerant can also cause the problem of a frozen coil. Refrigerant is the chemical which is present in the unit and this is an important chemical as it is responsible for cooling the air. When the refrigerant is low this can cause a leak and it is important that this leak is found and repaired straight away.

Another problem that is common is that the fan on the outside of the unit stops working correctly. If the fan is not running then the proper heat exchange will not take place and this can overload the safety sensor which can cause serious damage. All repairs and services on the system should be carried out by an experienced and licenced repairman and they will be able to take care of these problems.

Air conditioning systems work in a similar way to refrigerators. The air conditioning system will pump out the heat from the room inside the house. There is chilled pipelines that will distribute the air around the rooms in the house.

These systems are able to turn warm air into cold air and this is done by reducing the level of humidity in the air. When the level of humidity is reduced it will condense the amount of water vapour and this turns the air cold. An air conditioning unit that is working at optimum efficiency should be able to reduce the humidity by about forty per cent.

It is important to maintain the system on a regular basis. If the system is not correctly maintained it will consume more energy than it needs to and this will increase your utility bills. When an air conditioning system is correctly maintained it can save about twenty per cent on energy bills. There is some maintenance and repairs on your system that you will be able to do yourself therefore keeping the costs down.

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