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Geothermal Energy: How It Works

Geothermal energy is simply heat energy from the Earth. The underground reservoirs of hot water, steam, and hot rocks can be tapped into to generate electricity or be used for heating and cooling purposes in buildings. Geothermal energy can be captured through geothermal power plants or geothermal heat pumps. Here’s more on how it works on the latter. How Geothermal Energy Works With Heat Pumps If you are thinking of adding a heating system to your home, geothermal heat pump installation Gilbert, AZ is an ideal option to consider. A geothermal heat pump system relies on the earth’s constant temperature as the medium of exchange for heat. Ground temperatures often vary depending on latitude. In summer, the ground temperatures tend to be cooler than the air above it and warmer in winter. Some areas experience occasional temperatures extremes defined by sub-zero cold in winter and scorching heat in summer. Therefore, the heat pumps are often installed just a few feet below the surface of the earth where temperatures are relatively constant. A geothermal heat pump system is made up of a heat exchanger, the heat pump itself, and a ductwork system. In winter, the heat pump works by removing heat...

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Cleaning Your AC After a Gilbert Dust Storm

Even when the weather is cooling down, it is still important to take care of your AC unit and maintain it properly. Taking care of your AC unit in Gilbert will help ensure its longevity and will help you make sure it is in tip top shape and fully functional all-season long. One of the biggest environmental hazards for an AC system is a dust storm. Here are some tips from the experts on AC services that you need to follow after a dust storm has passed through your area: Keep Up With Inspections: AC maintenance is not something you do when you feel like it or if you think about it- it is something that has to be done on a regular basis! It is essential to perform AC inspections and checks and to stay on top of routine care and maintenance needs. Catching problems early and taking care of them when they are minor saves you both time and money in the long run.  After a dust storm, you will want to do special cleaning and maintenance checks, especially of the indoor and outdoor coils for your unit. AC coils can easily become clogged with dust and fail to...

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Know the Basics of Your Home AC Unit in Mesa

When it comes to air conditioning, most of us know that we need an AC system to keep our house cool. Wouldn’t it be great to know more about how air conditioners work? We’ve found that becoming more familiar with how the AC works helps our clients understand the need for annual maintenance and guides us in knowing when to call for a repair. For example, if your air conditioner seems to be producing cool air that is weaker than normal, your house isn’t as comfortable, even when you can hear the AC running. Instead of waiting to see if the situation would fix itself, you call your air conditioning company and they discovered your unit’s condenser coils were clogged. If you had let it go much longer, the compressor could have been damaged beyond repair and you could have avoided replacement costs. Instead, you ended up with an easy and inexpensive repair. Familiarize yourself with these AC terms so you can be prepared for upcoming maintenance and/or repairs:     Refrigerant charge – refers to the amount of refrigerant and it must be exactly right and checked/adjusted by a professional.     Evaporator – receives the liquid refrigerant.     Condenser – takes care of heat transfer....

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Upgrade Your Unit and Save – East Valley

You may be wondering how you can save money by purchasing a new air conditioning system – this is a question that is often asked! There are many benefits you stand to gain with a new cooling system in your east valley home, all of which will be more cost-effective: New air conditioning systems are highly energy efficient, which means they use energy more efficiently to cool your home. This means you won’t spend as much to cool your home.   When you start from scratch with a new cooling system, ideally as long as it’s maintained regularly by a professional, that will be the only service it requires.   Newer systems that are properly cared for will require less or no AC repair in the East Valley than an older, poorly maintained system.   When you get a new system, are the first owner and take care of it from the start, you can ensure you get as many years as possible out of it to maximize your investment.   When having your home evaluated for the best system for your needs, you may want to have your ductwork checked at all. If you maximize the layout and design...

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Are AC Tune Ups Worth It?

Lots of people in the area ask us if it’s worth it to get a tune up of their HVAC system. Here at , we think the answer is a definite “yes”! We don’t say that only because we hope you’ll ask us to perform that tune up for you. We think it’s smart for a couple of reasons, which you may not have even considered. You definitely don’t want to service your unit yourself. Even if you’re handy with a hammer and have a good flashlight, you don’t have to tackle a job like this on your own. An AC unit has a lot of moving parts – some of which are high voltage – and unless you know for certain what you’re doing, tackling this issue on your home could be dangerous. And on that note, an AC tune up from is not that expensive – it’s probably a lot less than you might think, a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll get knowing your HVAC unit is up for the tough job ahead of it this summer. If you have been bad about replacing your HVAC filter on a regular basis, you definitely...

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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your AC Unit

No one likes to think about the end of their AC unit’s life. So don’t! There’s no reason your machine can’t stay with you for many, many years to come. Keeping your AC unit around is easier than you think. At Red Mountain Air, we sell you products that are guaranteed to last. Still, there are a few easy ways to make sure everything stays running well. Here are 5 simple tips on how to extend the life of your AC unit: Got a lot of stuff hanging around your condenser? Clear all of that away! Keeping too much stuff around your condenser can cause its functions to become restricted, which is never good. Make sure to keep your bushes trimmed and debris cleared out around your condenser as a way to add a few more years to your air conditioning unit’s life. Try to keep your AC unit out of direct sunlight. Doing so can make sure it stays cool and doesn’t overheat. Think about planting some trees near your air conditioning unit in order to keep it in the shade — maybe even a palm tree, for a tropical feel. Clean your AC unit regularly. Leaving the unit...

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Why Does My AC Unit Freeze Up?

It’s a bizarre sight: your air conditioner is a frozen block of ice, and it’s the right in the middle of scorching summer in . It’s also when you need it the most, which is frustrating and stressful After all, how can something freeze if it’s cranking continuously in high temperatures? This is a sign that something is not quite right since a frozen AC unit is not the norm. Addressed immediately. Your cooling system could be having a number of issues. Though it appears that the entire equipment is frozen solid, most likely only the evaporator coil has frozen, where its airflow is restricted somehow. If this is true, then no air will move through the system and the coil can freeze. Also, if the refrigerant is leaking, the AC unit’s evaporator coil pressure can drop, which causes condensation in the air to freeze and accumulate. This may require the AC repair expertise of a qualified technician, but there are a few things to try yourself first. Turn off the unit at the thermostat, but don’t increase the temperature. Check the vent filters to see if they are clogged, restricting air flow. Those filthy filters can cause the cooling...

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How to Choose an AC Company

We’re all looking for the best deal when it comes to air conditioning whether it be in AC installation, AC repair or AC maintenance. In , there are a lot of options for air conditioning companies. Many of those options, though, are real stinkers. They won’t provide you with the great service and quality products that a truly top tier air conditioning company like will. But what’s there to look for in a good air conditioning company? The sheer amount of things to think about when choosing a company can be overwhelming but here are a few pieces of information to consider. One thing to examine is whether or not their staff is well versed in product knowledge. You want to know exactly what type of products you’re getting when you buy an AC unit or furnace, so you’re going to need a company with an understanding of their inventory. Here at , we train all our staff to know our air conditioning units and furnaces like the back of their hands so that when you have a question, we have the answer. You should think about an AC company’s customer service. A company that doesn’t value their customer isn’t...

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5 Summer Prep Tips

and our team of HVAC professionals is committed to serving the people of . If your home has an HVAC system you know it has the potential to cost you a lot of money. There are simple, common-sense ways you can make sure your AC will keep you and your family cool this summer without racking up massive electric bills. 1) Make sure your HVAC system is cooling at its maximum efficiency. Look at the overall condition of your wiring. Check to make sure the condenser’s refrigerant connections and evaporator are in good condition. One thing you can do to measure if your A/C is working at its best is to compare the temperature of the air blowing out of the vent to the temperature of the air flowing back to the return air vent. Ideally, there should be a difference of around 15 to 18 degrees between the two. A larger difference could be a sign of a clogged air filter; a smaller difference could indicate you’re low on Freon. 2) Check your air filter every 30 to 60 days, depending on how often the system is in use. This is the equivalent of checking your car’s oil on...

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How To Care For Your New Home Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ Area

Keeping your air conditioner maintained and cared for will not only save you money on energy bills, but it will also extend its lifespan. To install or care for a new home air conditioning Gilbert AZ folks should hire HVAC specialists just before the cooling season ends. Take the following tips into account when caring for your AC system.