While a lot of U. S. Residents are battening down or bolstering storm windows and praying for the best, some people have it all too easy. If you’re gearing up for about of mild September weather in Phoenix area, however, you should know that there are still things that you can do to protect your home and all those who live within it. Despite the lack of excessive heat and extreme cold, there are certain aspects of your ongoing home maintenance that will never come to an end.

This is actually the best time of year to start taking care of important appliances and equipment. This is definitely the case when it comes to your home cooling and heating system. Given that you won’t be as heavily reliant upon this unit during a cool and temperate fall, you should have it professionally inspected, cleaned and upgraded as necessary. You’ll likely find that this is also the absolute cheapest time to have these services performed.

After an incredibly hot summer, most AC filters are filled with dirt, dust and other airborne particulates. Collections like these can be especially thick and problematic in households that have pets like cats or dogs. When you let pet dander build up on your air conditioning filter, indoor air quality is guaranteed to go down significantly.

While your unit might continue to work throughout the year and well into the next hot summer, even if you don’t take the time to change the filter or have the entire unit cleaned and tuned up, it certainly won’t work as efficiently. If you are concerned about the costs of having a professional service your central HVAC, consider the costs of not doing so. Your energy bill will soar as soon as the temperatures climb. More importantly, your equipment will be more predisposed to mechanical failure and other serious problems.

It is additionally important for consumers to have their ducts cleans. These are the passageways through which cool or warm air is routed to individual vents and rooms throughout the property. They tend to accumulate thick build-ups of particulates, particularly in households that aren’t all that diligent about making regular filter changes.

Take a quick tour of your property and spend some time inspecting the windows and doors. Signs of condensation as the weather grows colder often means that seals are broken and windows need to be replaced. Be sure to caulk any gaps and cracks that you find around these structures in order to prevent conditioned air from escaping.

Set your thermostat at a moderate temperature and leave it there. This is a really good time to let everyone in the home start acclimating to the sudden and significant weather change. If it becomes too cool, encourage your loved ones to don sweaters before choosing to adjust the thermostat setting. This is cheaper and it also makes the body more adept in heating and cooling itself.

Another important thing to do is to start focusing on improving indoor air quality. Consider turning your system off entirely from time to time and letting some fresh air flow in through the open windows. You can also consult with a trusted, local HVAC provider about having air purification equipment installed for a year-round improvement in indoor air quality.

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