Our lives include a lot of smart technology.

We have smart phones that are like little computers in our pockets. We have smart TVs that are hooked up to the Internet and allow for a plethora of viewing options.

Smart thermostats have been around for a few years now, but more people are jumping on the bandwagon as more models are introduced and released.

Like your smart TV, smart thermostats are hooked into your Internet. This allows you to have remote access to your home’s climate control system no matter where you are. You can control the temperature from your office computer or from your smartphone while you eat lunch.

This remote access allows you to override the temperature schedule that you’ve set in case you need to make unexpected changes. For example, say you’re leaving work early, but don’t want to come home to a hot house. Before you leave the office, you can lower the temperature of your home to a comfortable setting.

Smart thermostats have an edge over other thermostats because they can give you more information about your energy consumption habits. They collect data on your energy use, which can then be compiled into a detailed report that helps you make better energy decisions.

The system also helps you keep track of regular maintenance and can alert you when something needs to be done, like changing your air filters.

Many Chandler AC installation companies can install thermostats, but Red Mountain Air will help you find the best one that is suited for your home and your needs, regardless of how smart it is.