When it comes to air conditioning, most of us know that we need an AC system to keep our house cool. Wouldn’t it be great to know more about how air conditioners work? We’ve found that becoming more familiar with how the AC works helps our clients understand the need for annual maintenance and guides us in knowing when to call for a repair.

For example, if your air conditioner seems to be producing cool air that is weaker than normal, your house isn’t as comfortable, even when you can hear the AC running. Instead of waiting to see if the situation would fix itself, you call your air conditioning company and they discovered your unit’s condenser coils were clogged. If you had let it go much longer, the compressor could have been damaged beyond repair and you could have avoided replacement costs. Instead, you ended up with an easy and inexpensive repair.

Familiarize yourself with these AC terms so you can be prepared for upcoming maintenance and/or repairs:

  1.     Refrigerant charge – refers to the amount of refrigerant and it must be exactly right and checked/adjusted by a professional.
  2.     Evaporator – receives the liquid refrigerant.
  3.     Condenser – takes care of heat transfer.
  4.     Expansion Valve – highway between refrigerant and evaporator.
  5.     Compressor – the pump that makes it all happen. Protect the compressor!

At Red Mountain Air, our expert technicians are ready for any AC repair Mesa homeowners throw their way. Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority. If you have any questions regarding your AC unit in Mesa, call us today! We would love to hear from you.