You’ve likely heard that you should get your heating system maintained seasonally, but is that really necessary, or is just an attempt to drum up some business? Much like any mechanical equipment (like a car) your furnace does require routine maintenance in order to function properly. Why? There are several reasons, here are a few:

  • Your furnace is a complex machine with many parts and components that all rely on one another to work properly. As an example, if you never changed the oil in your car, it wouldn’t just impact one part of your car, it would cause damage to your entire engine. Once the damage is done, simply filling it up with oil again won’t solve the problem, you may need extensive repairs. A furnace works in a similar way.
  • If your furnace is working properly, it isn’t just heating your home the way it should, it is also heating your home as efficiently as possible. Even a small issue can impact your system’s efficiency and that can lead to higher utility bills.
  • If something isn’t working properly or a part is broken, the other components of your furnace may be forced to work harder to compensate. This may lead to repairs, but it may also lead to a decreased lifespan for your system. A furnace is a major investment and protecting it with seasonal maintenance is a very small price to pay if it continues to serve you well for years to come.
  • Emergency repair calls are much more expensive and much more stressful! Maintenance can help prevent major issues or surprises in the middle of the night. Small problems often get bigger the longer they are ignored, so something that could have been a quick fix might turn into a major repair.

To schedule maintenance or heating repair Mesa residents know they can count on us to keep their heating systems working properly and efficiently. If you’re still not convinced that seasonal maintenance is necessary, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions!