Tempe Arizona Air Conditioner Repair

Carrier-Equipment-PictureIf you need reliable, experienced air conditioner repair in Tempe, call the professionals at Red Mountain Air Conditioning. Whether you need a simple part replacement or are interested in new unit installation, we can take care of it all. Our friendly, certified technicians will arrive at your door with a fully stocked service vehicle the same day you give us a call. If you have a cooling emergency that needs to be resolved after hours, we can be available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know repairs don’t always occur during business hours, and some repairs can’t wait until the next hot day! We care about our customers and know you’ll be glad you called Red Mountain Air Conditioning for all your Tempe air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Installation Tempe

If your air conditioner isn’t working like it used to and is costing you more and more to operate, it may be reaching the end of it’s optimal life. The Tempe AC installation technicians at Red Mountain Air Conditioning can match you with the best air conditioner for your needs by assessing your home’s size, along with your cooling preferences. Not only do we offer financing on new units, we recommend energy efficient systems so you can spend less while enjoying comfortable indoor air. We’re all about saving our customers money! We’ve enjoyed serving Tempe residents and many of our customers refer to us as the best air conditioning repair company in Tempe. Call us today and experience the Red Mountain Air Conditioning difference!

The Most Common Tempe Air Conditioning Issues

hvacAir conditioning issues aren’t uncommon, but luckily many of them can be fixed easily even if you don’t have a ton of knowledge about HVAC systems. You can save yourself some time and potentially a repair call by checking a few simple things first. If you do need AC repair Tempe residents know they can count on Red Mountain Air Conditioning to help.

  • If your AC isn’t turning on, check your power. It sounds simple, but sometimes a breaker or a fuse can blow without you realizing it. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue, check the thermostat. If your thermostat isn’t working properly, it won’t signal to your furnace to turn on.
  • If you hear strange noises, check your condenser. It’s possible that there is some debris inside of it that is causing issues.
  • Check your filters if you are experiencing air flow issues or you don’t feel like your home is cooling down properly. A dirty filter can make it harder for cool air to circulate through your home.

What’s Involved During Maintenance Service?

Maintenance services is a crucial and important part of owning an air conditioning system, but it often gets ignored. Many repair calls could have been prevented through proper maintenance. Just because it doesn’t seem like anything is wrong with your AC, doesn’t mean it is working as well as it should be. Maintenance ensures proper function, optimal efficiency, and it helps extend the life of your unit. Here are just a few things we check:

  • Inspect parts, components, and connections to ensure everything is in good repair.
  • Check coolant levels and adjust the charge if necessary.
  • Check air flow output, temperature, and thermostat accuracy.
  • Check the condenser for built-up debris and ensure condensation lines are draining properly.

If you haven’t had your air conditioning in Tempe maintained lately, it’s time to schedule an appointment! You’ll be glad you did.