What Are Heat Pumps?

Heat Pumps are basically air conditioning units that can also provide heat. Heat pumps have many benefits including decreasing energy (electricity) usage by 30-60% by more efficiently converting energy to heat, providing a source for medium to fast heating and providing both heating and cooling capacities. Heat Pumps are an alternative to utilizing a separate air conditioning unit to cool and a furnace to heat and since they move heat instead of generating heat, they are far less costly to operate.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps collect heat from either the air, the ground or a water source outside the home, concentrate it, and then move the collected heat into a cool room inside the home to deliver heat. Using indoor and outdoor coils, heat pumps utilize a circulating liquid or gas refrigerant and a compressor to extract latent heat from the external source and release it into the home to provide heating. Heat pumps provide cooling just like air conditioning units by removing warm air from warm rooms and moving it to the outside of the home.

Air to Air Heat Pumps

The most popular type of heat pump transfers heat between the air in the house and outside air. This type of heat pump decreases electricity usage by approximately 50% when compared to traditional furnaces. Air to air heat pumps also are more efficient dehumidifiers than central air conditioning units and use less energy.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps use either ground or water sources to transfer heat. Because of the relative constancy of the water or ground temperatures, energy costs to heat a house with a Geothermal heat pump can be 30 to 60% less than with a standard furnace. Geothermal heat pumps are also sturdy, reliable and can be used in more extreme climates.

Heat pumps are efficient alternatives to separate furnaces and air conditioning units and are more efficient and less costly than these traditional units. For the very best full- service HVAC company in Mesa, Arizona, Fountain Hills, AZ and surrounding areas providing top of the line heat pumps, call Red Mountain Air Conditioning today.

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