Some people say they like it hot. Most of those people have never lived in Gilbert, where the average temperature can remain north of a hundred degrees for four months out of the year, from June to September, with April, May, and October not being too much below 100 degrees. All that to say, the folks in this area definitely like it hot, or at the very least have learned to live with it.

As you might suspect, in conditions that brutal, your HVAC system absolutely has to be in top working condition, or things can get miserable fast, and not just miserable, but potentially fatal. Last year, nearly a thousand people in the US died from heat exposure, so it’s definitely nothing to play around with. That’s why, when you inevitably find yourself in need of a great AC repair company in Gilbert, AZ, you should consider giving the folks at Red Mountain a call.

Terry Diedrick and Red Mountain have been proudly serving Gilbert and surrounding areas since 1989. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more company that hits all the major marks that Red Mountain does, from being locally owned, to having an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, to offering some of the best products in the business, and a full range of services designed to help you save big.

Speaking of equipment, Red Mountain deals in only the best. As a Carrier authorized dealer, you know you’re getting top notch quality when it comes time to replace your old HVAC equipment. Broadly speaking, Carrier’s HVAC equipment falls into one of their three primary product lines: The Comfort, Performance, and Infinity Series.

The Comfort Series represents Carrier’s introductory level product offering. Equipment in this class will be low cost, and as such, appeal to families on a budget, but also, these units tend to be somewhat less efficient than the equipment in the other product tiers, meaning that they’ll cost you somewhat more to operate each month, especially during the hot time of year when your air conditioning equipment is working over time.

The Performance Series represents a good mix of value and performance. The equipment here is somewhat more efficient than what you’ll find in the Comfort line up, but not quite on par with the top tier Infinity products. Even so, these units are well priced and with Carrier’s outstanding reputation for both quality and durability, you can count on these units to provide you and your family with years of faithful service.

At the top of the chart is Carrier’s Infinity product line. These are the best of the best – yes, they’re the most expensive, but they’re also the quietest and most efficient units Carrier makes, and some of the best in the industry. The good news, even if you think you can’t afford an Infinity air conditioner, it may not be as out of reach as you think! Bear in mind that not only do local installation companies regularly offer discounts and deals for people looking to install a new system, but the manufacturers themselves will periodically offer such incentives, as will local governments, and sometimes, even local power companies will get in on the act. Fortunately, the folks at Red Mountain keep track of all that so you don’t have to. To find out what deals and promotions are currently on offer, just head to specials page.

No matter what your needs are – whether you’re in the market to buy a new, high efficiency system, or are simply looking for reliable air conditioning repair in Gilbert, AZ, the folks at Red Mountain are ready, willing and able to lend you a hand.